How to Join

1) Sponsor Dealer RegCode and Placement Code – This CODES will be coming from me. This is not included in the package.
2) Registration Activation Codes – This code is included in the dealer package. It’s in a SEALED SCRATCH CARD with Registration Code and PIN.

3) AR/OR Tracking Number – You will get this once you bought a dealer package.

contact Ms. Jemelyn D Saldivar 09398771093 smart / 09261688071 globe

I highly recommend that we meet in my office so you can attend the orientation and training seminar. But if you have no time for meet up or it is not possible for you to do so, then you can purchase the package through bank deposit to any of GPRS UPS bank account.


Account Number: 00397-0103-244
Account Name: GPRS-Unified Products and Services, Inc.
Branch: Cubao Gateway Araneta
Banco De Oro
Account Number: 397 006 4974
Account Name: Global Pinoy Remittance and Services
Branch: Cubao Gateway Araneta
And then send me the following details:1. Bank name & branch where the deposit was made

1. Bank name & branch where the deposit was made

2. The exact amount of deposit
3. Date & exact time of deposit

4. Bank Deposit Slip Reference Number

It would be better if you scan the deposit slip and email it to us.
Before you leave the BANK please ask the TELLER to encircle the bank deposit “Reference number” for easy identification.

ATTENTION: Sending the copy of your bank deposits/payments to me means you voluntarily agreed and with your own free-will wants to join and be register directly under me, and i will be your sponsor.

I can register or assist you to be register into the system so as not to encounter registration problem since you are still new to the system. But we have members who were able to register by themselves, we just gave them the necessary codes needed and some TIPS on how to complete their registration.


A SPONSOR is a UPS registered Dealer Member.
I will be your sponsor and contact person. I am known in the office as Dra. Lynnete Pagatpatan. Yes, I am a medical doctor.
To be a UPS registered dealer, you need a sponsor. The sponsor would mean the person who introduce you to the business or from whom you got the information, or to WHOM YOU WANT TO JOIN.
REMEMBER, once you send to me the information for your registration, I will then do the honor of registering you into the system direct under me, I will be your sponsor.FOR REGISTRATION PURPOSES, THE FOLLOWING ARE NEEDED TOO:
1. Photocopy or a scanned copy of your any valid government issued ID like SSS, TIN, Passport, Philhealth ID, or voter’s ID….. etc.

2. Personal Information:
2.1. Complete name
2.2. Birthday
2.3. Philippines mobile phone number
2.4. Email Address (ALL data in the registration will be sent to registered email address. Also, activation of the registered account will be sent in the email address, MAKE SURE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS EXIST AND ACCESSBILE BEFORE REGISTRATION )
2.5. Mailing address with Zip code
2.6. Mother’s maiden name
3. We also need the complete name of your beneficiary for the accident insurance.
For new members & would be members, we strongly suggest that you to study and learn the system first before doing any transaction to other people to avoid errors & frustrations. To most people, the system is easy to understand, BUT for some it is not.
A TECHNICAL WEBTOOL OPERATION (T.W.O) is regularly conducted in our office, this is a training on how to use our system. This T.W.O. training is for members only. We highly recommend you attend this training MANY TIMES.
We request new members to attend our Technical Webtool Operation (T.W.O.) in our office or have a one on one coaching from your sponsor, OR Online Mentoring via phone if you are in the Philippines, or skype or FB Messenger.
We can also teach you via phone if you are in the Philippines or via email or FB messenger, Viber or Skype if you are outside the Philippines. We just need to set schedule for this kind of training.
Those who cannot attend our training in our office, we have training materials that is downloadable in our system.
It is still best if you can attend our our technical web tool operation seminars.
Your sponsor dealer has a big role for your learning. Choose a GOOD Sponsor! Your sponsor is very much willing to teach you for as long as you are eager to learn.
The company conduct/provide scheduled seminar orientations and demonstrations for new dealer. We highly recommend that new dealer/member shall see to it that he/she had attended these training first before offering the service to anyone. Failure to do so shall not render the company liable for any misuse and misrepresentation of the Unified Products and Services. The Dealer Package is to be used as a personal or home based business only. Any plan to upgrade shall be subject to company accreditation first.

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